Our goal in creating VIEW was to provide an instrument that was research based, easy to administer and score while providing feedback that was understandable and applicable in ways that enhance the efforts of groups and individuals to solve problems and manage change. As you can see by our testimonials, we succeeded! Ed Selby Principle Author of VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style SM
VIEW gives people rapid yet deep insights into the fundamental human dynamics of creative change and learning. Like the best tools in any field, it is disarmingly easy to engage with and yet has multiple layers of depth and value. It belongs to my core set of tools which get used over and over again. Alan Arnett Nine Daisies - a leadership practice
I am using VIEW in some coaching and training sessions. It is always very enriching and gives a good base to talk openly and safely about cooperation in the team. Annemie Simkens Consultant/Trainer
The training for the VIEW instrument was thorough and insightful. As a result, I have complete confidence in my ability to bring value to my clients using this tool. John P. Gaulin President
Success Force, Inc.
Much of the work in our organization is done by teams of volunteers. VIEW has been an invaluable tool that has helped us shape those teams. I appreciate and have greater respect for working styles that are different from my own. Mo Guy Program Materials Coordinator
Destination ImagiNation, Inc.
Using VIEW has provided my students many Aha! moments that helped to clarify why they prefer to use a generating or focusing tool in the way they do.  For my students it has helped them understand themselves much better and helped them appreciate their classmates and co-workers as well as their instructor!  And, for me, as their instructor, I have a much clearer picture of each student and their approach to the course.
Patricia Schoonover, Ph.D. (WI)
Thales Training and Consultancy have been using VIEW extensively within Thales Group and those of their clients to provide genuine insights that bridge differences, enhance problem solving, enable learning and create significant positive impact on organisation-wide transformation. Adrian Terry Thales Training & Consultancy
After taking the VIEW assessment I have a whole new understanding of how I think and process information and make decisions. More importantly, I have a far better understanding of how others do as well. In my job, I have been able to leverage that knowledge to build high performing teams from strong individual performers. Scott Cramer Solutions Consulting
At Perspectiv, we find clients believe VIEW, can remember VIEW, can use VIEW every day, and can see the value in using VIEW. Andy Wilkins Partner in Perspectiv LLP
We have found VIEW to be an extraordinarily useful tool both for preparing pre-service teachers at the university level and for reaching out in meaningful ways to educators in the field. In particular, this instrument has made a real difference in our work with school administrators, in that it provided a mechanism for us to encourage and help them (1) to think about, examine, and refine their own problem-solving styles, (2) to respect diversity, different points of view, and other ways of doing things, (3) to seek out and hire individuals from divergent backgrounds who bring something new to the party, and (4) to work collaboratively with their teams to improve the tone, establish a climate for innovation, and create creative environments creatively in their schools. Ken McCluskey, Ph.D. Dean/Professor of Education
The University of Winnipeg
I have used VIEW with over 300 students preparing for teaching careers in the past three years. My own and my students' experience with VIEW has helped my student teachers gain insights into their own classroom teaching and management styles. I believe that VIEW has helped my student teachers become more sensitive to student learning style differences and better able to adapt a variety of instructional methods to meet student needs. John C. Houtz, PhD Professor of Educational Psychology
Fordham University
Graduate School of Education
In past years my students would always choose to work with their friends during laboratory and group activities. However, this was not always beneficial to their learning. By using the VIEW Assessment with my classes, I was able to give the students the experience of working in groups based on their style preferences. The students were excited to learn more about their individual preferences and enjoyed working within these groups so much that they continued to use their style groups throughout the year! Melissa Tirone Chemistry Teacher, Stafford County Public School, Virginia
I found VIEW to be a valuable instructional asset in my classroom. A great feature of VIEW results is that each student receives not just a score but personalized feedback describing his or her problem solving. Having data about each student’s individual problem solving styles provided me with practical information to develop instructional strategies that were intended to help students strengthen their creative problem solving. Additionally, I used the data to assist me in creating differentiated lessons to address individual differences. By using VIEW, I provided a proactive way for my students to better understand their problem solving. My students appreciated learning more about how they best problem solve and how differences can be assets when problem solving. It really helped them to develop empathy toward each other's differences, especially when working in group activities. Secondary students typically experience a lot of stress. From the information obtained from VIEW, my students gained self-knowledge about their problem solving that they could use to help alleviate stress. Dr. Billie Kamp Johnson Ridgefield High School, Ridgefield, CT